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We are located in Broomfield, Colorado close to Westminster and serving the north metro Denver community since 2007, with over 10,000 hours of training. Find information on Acupuncture and Asian body work as physical therapy, and Chinese Herbal medicine to treat internal disease. Chines Medicine in the west is considered alternative medicine, which is complementary to Western Allopathic Medicine.


Getting to the Point

How Acupuncture Works:

        So how does acupuncture work? We told you in the last post, how the pioneers of Acupuncture studied the body, located the points and mapped out the body. We told you about the connection with what we now call nerve endings and the location of the Acupuncture Points. What we will now explain is how it works.

       As we know one of the functions of the nervous system is to receive sensory stimulation from the nerve blackjack online endings. The signal travels through the system to be processed in the brain. Once the signal is deciphered an casino spiele action is initiated. It is at this junction that the nervous system and the endocrine system come together. This is called the neuroendocrine cascade. It is through that inter connection that we find one of the ways Acupuncture has it's effect. The acupuncture needle provides the needed stimulation, the "action" which elicites a reaction by the body initiating the healing process.

    More on this in our next post.



Stuart has a great line that I think describes well what I have come to appreciate what he provides for me ... "Eastern medicine is founded on the principle that one should live long and die short ... where western medicine often seems to We’ll tell you what to look for, questions to ask and the sales tricks to watch out for!Find an Instructor Near You!The price is always the first question we are asked, and the average price for a one hour driver ed online lesson around the UK at the moment seems to be between ?19 and ?25. take the opposite approach."  I see what he provides, herbal medicine in particular, as something that will keep me healthy, rather than something that I have to do only after I become sick.

Mike Boyd


I have used Stuart and Awakening Acupuncture many times for things ranging from muscle and joint pain to head colds and flus. What strikes me the most is his online casino willingness to listen to what is wrong and treat the cause of online casino the problem, not just the symptom. I recommend him to anyone dealing with any issue because, chances are he can help them in some way.

Brett Popish


“Stuart is a tenacious businessman, a conscientious practitioner and an astute student of classical Chinese medicine. I have completed two extended Chinese medicine training programs with him in Shanghai where despite the language gap, he outperformed all the other participants with his understanding of the teachings. After the trainings, he was one of the very few to actually apply the teachings in his practice, where he had great results, once again demonstrating his grasp of the deepest and most ancient aspects of Chinese medicine, a strength that very few western or Chinese practitioners can claim to have. There are many doctors and students here in China who hold Stuart and his abilities in high regard.” 

James Heinritz


“I began seeing Stuart for a degenerative shoulder problem that was still sore after months of working with a joint specialist. After 3 visits my shoulder was much less sore and I was then able to begin a full rehab regiment, which I was unable to even start prior to visiting Stuart. After working with Stuart on my shoulder, I brought up a concern I have had with my daughter who is 9 y.o. After a short consultation, Stuart came up with a plan to address the digestion issues she was having. After a few short months we have seen marked improvement with her digestion. What has been the most online casino impressive is the improvement in her cognitive ability to solve problems, think online casino and act quickly, and her improvement in expressing herself. This was something I didn't even think Chinese medicine could help with and am thrilled with the results. Stuart is very personable and is extremely well studied. I want to thank him for all of his help with both me and my daughter. We will continue to see Stuart on a regular basis.”

Colin Mariner


I was referred to Stuart Dimson by my chiropractor because of chronic pain I was experiencing as a result of rotator cuff surgery over a year ago.  The muscles in my neck, shoulder, arm, and back were so tight and knotted that it affected the range of motion in my arm, I was having regular headaches and migraines, I experienced chronic muscle spasms in my arm, and I was in constant pain which affected my sleep.  I was impacted  physically and emotionally and feeling desperate. Traditional western doctors didn’t know how to help me except to give me narcotics but that just masked the problem.  I was looking for a treatment that didn’t involve additional surgical procedures and that’s when I turned to acupuncture.  I was immediately impressed with Stuart’s ability to diagnose my problem and his approach to addressing my issues. After my first acupuncture session, the muscle spasms in my arm stopped.  I had 6 sessions and with each session, I slowly began to feel better.  The constant pain is Was genau steckt wohl hinter einer This company offers best-data-recovery.com recovery from all types of hard drives and digital media. Online Spielbank, die sich selbst Jackpot City online casino Casino die-besten-online-casinos.info nennt? Die Frage ist durchaus berechtigt, denn schlie?lich erwartet man bei dieser Bezeichnung geradezu einen Uberfluss an Jackpot Spielen, die weit mehr abwerfen als nur einige Euro. gone, I recover quickly if I ache after over-using my shoulder, my range of motion is near 100%, I sleep through the night, and my disposition has improved dramatically.   Stuart is knowledgeable and skilled in healing, he has an intuitive sense of what treatment is best, and has a great bedside manner.  I’m very glad I sought treatment from him and recommend him highly.

Georgia Pappas, PhD